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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why your existing HRT/TRT or Primary Care Physician Suggestion to your low t issue are ineffective?

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Are you one of the over 50% of HRT/TRT patients that still suffer from low T symptoms, but have a doctor that just choosing to prescribe all the wrong products or more to the point you feel you are just a walking pharmacy having to remember to take several different products to alleviate symptoms that can be fixed if you had the right doctor by your side.

Here at WellnessFitnessNutrition we are here to inform you why not only your treatment is the optimal, but most importantly the wrong one that can lead to disastrouslong-termproblems.

Real Example of Someone’s Failed Treatment
Great example of how this epidemic in the HRT/TRT world haunts men til day, lets take one of our patients Martin 56 Years Old for example.

“I have been on various HRT/HRT programs for over 25 years and knew something was wrong when Low T symptoms persisted like Lack of focus, sex drive, and energy where still a problem, but my test level were supposedly above normal range.”

WFN Results
“Within 7 hours from my first treatment, symptoms that have haunted me for 20 year vanished. Its like I never had them in the first place. Now I don’t have to take Adderal for focus, cyp for normal test levels, Viagra for erectile dysfunction and good knows all the other medication they had me on. What’s crazy is that WellnessFitnessNutrition treatment was 1/3 of the price of my other therapy, and more effective.”

Why Your treatment is not the right one
This is the typical example of what haunts over 50% of those that get on HRT/TRT programs and either give up on life or choose to follow poor, often times ridiculous suggestions from there doctor. The typical process, BUT often times to wrong process is for a qualified doctor would be to ONLY check total versus free testosterone levels. The issues with this approach is that often times over 70% to be exact, is that you then get prescribed the usual (Testosterone Cypionate, HCG, Arimidex), is issue is that this treatment works on 25% of patients.

So you ask yourself if this kind of treatment only works on 25% of patients why even bother investing on average $250-$500/monthly on a program, that will not alleviate all the symptoms associated with low T?

Many patients have come to us telling us about these issues and when we educated them of the benefits of our unconventional programs, they doubted it, but after further assessment became believers.

The issue is that your doctors or existing HRT clinic is just lazy, time conscious and only focused on their bottom-line and not the assurance its patients get the right treatment.  Further proof to that claim is that over 95% of doctors, do not want to go through the additional certifications, verification and qualification process to insure you get the right treatment. What many fail to realize is that putting someone on a traditional cypoionate treatment when the body might not be efficient in producing the ester of testosterone, is only doing you body more harm than good. We at WellnessFitnessNutrition, has developed a method and possess over 100 years of combined experience in the Hormone, Testosterone space, that know exactly what it takes testing, blood work and therapy wise to pinpoint your Low T issues and prescribing the right solution. See for yourself why we have over 600 proud clients that vouch for our knowledge.

We challenge the conventional ways doctors prescribe and treat HRT/TRT candidates, hence why our clients achieve their desired physique faster, alleviate the Low T symptoms that have haunted them quicker and why we have the highest percentage of recurring clients.


Feelings of depression, moodiness, poor erection and fatigue can be signs of a thyroid disorder, low or too much estrogen. Your thyroid controls several aspects of your metabolism, making it a key player in your energy levels. An imbalance of the thyroid and associated hormones can show signs such as low energy, brittle hair, unexplained weight gain, and foggy thinking.

Often times doctors prescribe arimidex and other anti estrogen products for patient to avoid gynecomastia. The issue with this and why you doctor is wrong, is that complete shutdown of estrogen indeed prevent gyno like symptoms, but often times lowers your sex drive and causes erectile dysfunction. Too little causes you to skyrocket your estrogen and accelerate your gynecomastia and estrogen like effects.

At WellnessFitnessNutrition, we educate and teach our patients how to be aware of their thyroid and estrogen and what test to take to stay on top. We are proud to say that not 1 patient has come to us saying that our treatments were partially effective. We take the time to understand for family history, your estrogen conversion percentages and thyroid efficiencies and inefficiencies., hence why our clients achieve the sustainable results that they cant achieve anywhere else.


WellnessFitnessNutrition has been in existence since 1993, originally just offering nutrition and physique transformation consulting in Latin America. Since then, we have expanded throughout the United States, Latin America and other countries.

WFN was built around the mission to provide its clients high impact and result driven products and services to achieve their maximum physique. We have over 100 years of combined experience in Bodybuilding, Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), TRT- Testosterone replacement therapy, Low testosterone treatment, Weight loss and HCG diet plans.

Our pharmacy and laboratory maintains the highest standards of safety and quality when it comes to our patients, facilities, and medicine. We are PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board) accredited and are a CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) Center of Excellence.

The PCAB is an independent organization that oversees pharmacies specializing in individualized medicine. PCAB Accreditation gives patients, prescribers and payers a way to select a pharmacy that meets or exceeds United States Pharmacopeia’s high quality standards.

CQI certifies our products and processes. They have strict requirements that hold pharmacies to a higher standard of patient safety.

Many physicians and patients recognize that individualized pharmacies can meet specialized needs and improve outcomes in ways traditional pharmacies cannot.

Before the mass-production of manufactured drugs, pharmacists used mortar and pestle to create salves, ointments, tablets, capsules and powders. While mass-production is now the norm, there are still benefits to customizing medicine for individual treatment. These days we use cutting-edge technology and equipment to make our medicines, but our focus on individual formulation and patient care has not changed.

WellnessFitnessNutrition has the expertise to create medicines with precision and quality that target specific conditions. Our approach to individualized medicine is built on the understanding that patients’ health concerns are as unique as the patients themselves.

Fun Facts

  • Over 250,000 HRT, TRT, Hormone Therapy Clinics and Pharmacies exist worldwide.
  • 2 are PCAB Accredited
  • 75 of 250,000 are CQI Center of Excellence Accredited.
  • Only 1 is both PCAB and CQI Center of Excellence Accredited and Recognized.