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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hormone replacement therapy for human

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone an endocrine secretion does lots of biological function in human body. It’s secret from endocrine gland from different location of human body. This (hormone) catalyze numerous essential function of human body, its promote height, strengthen bone, catabolize fat protein and control all reproductive function of human body. Hormonal secretion varies from age to sex or by genetics make up or illustration but the overall amount of secretion is same. Pick secretion of all hormone increase at the age of puberty (14-18 year of age) that’s regulation is a milestone to change a child to a reproductive human like women or man.

Now comes in the topic of HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy normally taken by female after the ages of 50 or 45 but now it’s becoming common in both gender.

Why do they take that? Female fertility depends on a cycle called menstrual cycle, by this system an organ name placenta are producing different hormone that a female body needs to regulate its function. These cycles control the overall secretion of reproductive hormone in a female body. Due to this hormone a girl becomes a mother one day. Some of this important hormone (female) includes estrogen, progesterone, androgen, relaxin, estradiol etc.

Estrogen mainly works to make a female attractive. Its function includes fine tuning the skin tone, osteoblastic (help to bone growth) activity, breast development, protein catabolism (Storing in body), vagina and uterus development etc.

Progesterone also plays an important function like balanced the electrolyte level, promote breast and its consequences of lactation, and play a huge role in uterus development.

Androgen is necessary to secondary sexual characteristic of female and another hormone promotes bone growth and reduces the risk of osteoporosis (erosion of bone tissue). Read more click here