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Sunday, February 23, 2014

“Testosterone” The prime hormone in male body

Hormones are one kind of biological secretion that is secreted from endocrine gland directly to the blood and work distance from their site of secretion. Hormone normally secrets in micro amount and plays a important biological function like storing, strengthening and all necessary function to regulate a peace of mind and a healthy body. The secretion of hormone is varied depending on age and sex. Pick secretion of all hormone boosts up at the age of puberty.

Testosterone is a prime hormone in male body that regulate secondary sexual characteristic and developed necessary function to build a boy as a man. The secretion of testosterone greatly depend on age, maximum testosterone is secreted in puberty (reproductive system development ages), but this secretion continues through youth age normally 14-50 ages in male. But its secretion comes minimum at old age or its decline from the later age of 30 or 35 normally.

Testosterone is a steroid type of hormone that secrets from leydig cells of testis (Scrotum), its function include growth and development of secondary sexual characteristic, facilities spermatogenesis (process of producing sperm), promotes muscles build up (increase muscle mass) and developed bone growth (Osteoblastic activity), deepening of vocal sound (voice) and growth of beard and axillary hair in male, all overall function corresponding to libido.

As Testosterone is a key runner in male sexual life, so a minimum concentration is needed for normal growth and proliferation of sperm and sexual arousal. Decline the level of testosterone can be cause due to trauma, injury or even cancer in scrotum or testis’s tissue, genetic abnormality ( like klinefelter’s diseases –due to presence of an extra X chromosomes), hemo-chromomatosis (too much iron in circulating blood),dysfunction of pituitary and thyroid (hypothyroidism) gland and others inflammation associated causes. Chronic low testosterone level can be caused, due to liver cirrhosis, drug side effect, alcoholism, bodily and mental stress.

All of this above causes low testosterone level. Consequences of this low level of testosterone causes erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive function, erosion of bone and loss of muscle mass. The level of testosterone can be measured by diagnostic test.

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